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Welcome to the Metroid Construction DokuWiki!

 Constructroid Welcome MetConstians to the Metroid Construction Documentation Wiki, the ultimate resource for all things Metroid hacking related! This wiki holds the collective knowledge of MetConst, documenting all discoveries and information about hacking Metroid, written by you guys for the benefit of all MetConstians everywhere! We have guides ranging from basic FAQ's to advanced assembly guides, it's all here! If you are looking to get started editing this wiki, check out the syntax page to learn how to edit, or check out any pages source code. You can also use the playground to test any editing you do.

This wiki is paired up with the WikiTalk Board, please document any work you do on the wiki to this forum board so that we can keep track of new pages and edits to existing pages. It also helps other people assist you and others when working on the same document.

Currently the wiki is undergoing a lot of work, so a lot of documents might not have made it to the wiki yet. If you want, you can help out by filling out some backlogged information and data to the wiki, and searching the forum for any lost information that should be preserved in here.

Getting Started


If this is your first time visiting the Metroid Construction Wiki you might want to check out the 🔗General section for guides on getting into ROM hacking, including a page on 🔗Why ROM Hack, as well as how to do basic things such as patching a ROM. It also contains guides on level design and aesthetics, as well as what not to do in a hack. Once you've checked that out, click on a game of your choice below to get started! Happy hacking MetConstian!

2D Games

2.5D Games

3D Games

About Metroid Construction

Founded on the 19th February 2009 by GF_Kennon, Metroid Construction has aimed to be the ultimate website for all things Metroid hacking related. Since its creation eight years ago, a massive amount of documentation has been generated along with plenty of free resources. This wiki hosts all the documentation created for MetConst in an easily viewable format for your viewing pleasure.

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