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Metroid (NES)

'Metroid' title screen Metroid is the first game in the Metroid series, released for the FDS is Japan and then ported to NES. All information in this section will refer to the ROM “Metroid (U) [!].nes”, file size 131,088 bytes, sha1 166a5b1344b17f98b6b18794094f745f8a7435b8. For information related to patching this ROM please check the HOWTO for more information.

For editing Metroid you have a choice of two editors currently, Editroid and MetEdit, the former being actively worked on, these two tools should cover most of the hacking done to Metroid, however a few additional tools exist, such as Metroid Tuner, a list can be found below.

Editors and Utilities

  • Editroid (available on the Resources page) - Wanna hack Metroid? You need Editroid! Can't lose that belly fat? You need Editroid! Are you drowning in credit card bills? You need Editroid! Do you want to please your lover in bed? You need Editroid! That's right! Editroid is the tool to fix any problem that can be fixed by editing Metroid!
  • Metroid Tuner - Sweetass Metroid music maker, crank them tunes out baby!



Editor and Utility Manuals

  • Editroid - Reference guide for Editroid, useful for a quick look at its features and functions, as well as any shortcuts that might exist.
  • Metroid Tuner - Quick reference guide to Metroid Tuner, the music tool for Metroid.

Basic Guides

  • FAQ - Frequently answered questions here, if you got a problem, this might have the answer!
  • Editroid Crash Course - For your first time with Editroid
  • Data StructuresFIXME - Detailed information on how the game world is built and how Editroid works with it.
  • Doors in Metroid - Connect rooms without breaking things

Intermediate Guides

Expert Guides

  • ProjectsFIXME - Details on using the built-in assembler to do nifty things that Editroid doesn't support out of the box

External Resources

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