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“Where all of the space pirates chill on weekends”


External RAM

Address Description
02027800 ClipData
0202D800 Decompressed Level Data
02034000 Minimap Decompressed Data
0203809D Slot A Area ID
0203809E Slot A Room ID
0203809F Slot A Door ID
020392BD Slot B Area ID
020392BE Slot B Room ID
020392BF Slot B Door ID
0203A4DE Slot C Area ID
0203A4DE Slot C Room ID
0203A4DF Slot C Door ID
0203B6FD Slot A Area ID BackUp
0203B6FE Slot A Room ID BackUp
0203B6FF Slot A Door ID BackUp
0203C91D Slot B Area ID BackUp
0203C91E Slot B Room ID BackUp
0203C91F Slot B Door ID BackUp
0203DB3D Slot C Area ID BackUp
0203DB3E Slot C Room ID BackUp
0203DB3F Slot C Door ID BackUp
027DC000 Start Of NES Metroid ROM Image

Internal RAM

Address Description
03000002 16bitFrameCounter
03000004 StereoFlag
03000014 Gallery
03000016 MetroidFusionGallery
03000018 SoundTest/NEStroid
03000020 TranslationFlag
03000024 CompletedGameMapFlag
0300002C DifficultyFlag
0300002D MothershipDoorsFlag
0300002E TimeAttackFlag
03000030 CurrentRoomsMusic
03000054 CurrentArea
03000055 CurrentRoom
03000056 Current/LastTravelledDoor
03000057 Current/LastTravelledDoorProperties
03000058 Bit6OfAbove,DisplaysNewAreaPopUp
03000059 MapXCoordinate
03000060 MapYCoordinate
03000063 CurrentBrinstarPercentage
03000064 CurrentKraidPercentage
03000065 CurrentNorfairPercentage
03000066 CurrentRidleyPercentage
03000067 CurrentTourianPercentage
03000068 CurrentCrateriaPercentage
03000069 CurrentChozodiaPercentage
03000079 DamageType
-7 for beams
-8 for bombs
-9 for Missiles
-A for Super Missiles
-B for Power Bombs
-C for Speedboost/ShineSpark
-D for Speedboost-related
-E for Screw Attack or Pseudo
0300009C ForegroundController
030000BC Tileset
030000E4 Bg0XPosition
030000E6 Bg0YPosition
030000E8 Bg1XPosition
030000EA Bg1YPosition
030000EC Bg2XPosition
030000EE Bg2YPosition
030000F0 Bg3XPosition
030000F2 Bg3YPosition
03000150 InGameTimer
030001A8 AlarmTimer
030001AC-06EB Enemy Data, 0x18 Slots of 0x38 Bytes
03000738 EnemyStatus
0300073A EnemyYPosition
0300073C EnemyXPosition
0300073E EnemyYPositionSpawn
03000740 EnemyXPositionSpawn
03000742 EnemyVerticalHitbox
03000744 EnemyVerticalHitboxOffset
03000746 EnemyHorizontalHitbox
03000748 EnemyHorizontalHitboxOffset
0300074A EnemyScale
0300074C EnemyHealth
0300074E EnemyAnimation
03000750 EnemyGraphicPointer
03000754 EnemyAnimationCounter
03000755 EnemyID
03000756 EnemySubID
03000757 EnemySpriteSetSlot
03000758 EnemyPalletteRelative
03000759 EnemyPriority
0300075A Enemy22 (Unknown)
0300075B EnemySlot
0300075C EnemyPose
0300075D EnemyInteractionType
0300075E EnemyCooldownTimer
0300075F Enemy27 (Unknown)
03000760 Enemy28 (Unknown)
03000761 Enemy29 (Unknown)
03000762 EnemyRotation_Related
03000763 EnemyInvincibilityTimer
03000765 EnemyRespawnTimer
03000766 Enemy2E (Unknown)
03000767 Arach_AttachedSlot
03000768 EnemyFreezeTimer
03000769 Enemy31 (Unknown)
0300076A EnemyIsSpecial
0300076B EnemySlot
0300076C EnemyAlternatePalette
03000770-07EF Particle Data (8 Slots of 0x10 Bytes)
03000770 Particle Graphic Pointer
03000774 Particle Animation
03000776 Particle Y Position
03000778 Particle X Position
0300077A Particle Animation Counter
0300077B Particle Orientation
+ 0x1 - Particle Exists
+ 0x8000 - No-Clip
0300095E EscapeTimer
03000C77 8BitFrameCounter
03000A2C-0BE3 Projectile Data (0xB Slots of 0x1C Bytes)
03000A2C Projectile Orientation
03000A30 Projectile GraphicPointer
03000A34 Projectile YPositioning
03000A36 Projectile XPositioning
03000A38 Projectile Animation
03000A3A Projectile AnimationCounter
03000A3B Projectile Type
03000A3C Projectile Direction
03000A3D Projectile Pose
03000A3F Projectile Timer
03000A40 Projectile Top Hitbox
03000A42 Projectile Bottom hitbox
03000A44 Projectile Left Hitbox
03000A46 Projectile Right Hitbox
03000BEC ArmCannon Y Position
03000BEE ArmCannon X Position
03000BF0 Menu Status
03000BF3 Controls The Option Menu
03000C10 Text Cooldown
03000C72 SubGameMode2
03000E7C-0127B OAM Data
0300137C ButtonInput
0300137E NewInput
03001380 ChangedInput
03001380 NextOAMSlot
030013D4 Current Pose
-0x0: Running
-0x1: Standing
-0x2: Turning Around
-0x3: Shooting
-0x4: Ducking
-0x5: Turning Around AndDucking
-0x6: Shooting AndDucking
-0x7: Skidding
-0x8: Jumping/falling
-0x9: Turning Around AndJumping/falling
-0xA: Landing
-0xB: Starting A Spin-jump
-0xC: Spinning
-0xD: Wall-jumping
-0xE: Space-jumping
-0xF: Screw-attacking
-0x10: Morphing
-0x11: Morph Ball
-0x12: Rolling
-0x13: Unmorphing
-0x14: Jumping/falling In Morphball
-0x15: Hanging On A Ledge
-0x16: Starting To Hold Your ArmCannon Out On A Ledge
-0x17: Starting To Hold Your ArmCannon In On A Ledge
-0x18: Holding Your ArmCannon Out On A Ledge
-0x19: Shooting On A Ledge
-0x1A: Pulling Yourself Up From Hanging
-0x1B: Pulling Yourself Forward From Hanging
-0x1C: Pulling Yourself Into A Morphball Tunnel
-0x1D: Using An Elevator
-0x1E: Facing The Foreground
-0x1F: Turning To/from The Foreground
-0x20: Getting Held By Chozo
-0x21: Delay Before Shinesparking
-0x22: Shinesparking
-0x23: Delay After Shinesparking
-0x24: Spinning After Shinespark
-0x25: Delay Before Ballsparking
-0x26: Ballsparking
-0x27: Delay After Ballsparking
-0x28: Hanging On A Zipline
-0x29: Shooting On A Zipline
-0x2A: Turning On A Zipline
-0x2B: Hanging On A Zipline In Morphball
-0x2C: On A Save Pad
-0x2D: Downloading A Map
-0x2E: Turning Around For A Map Station
-0x2F: Getting Hurt
-0x30: Getting Knocked Back
-0x31: Getting Hurt In Morphball
-0x32: Getting Knocked Back Morphball
-0x33: Dying
-0x34: Entering A Crawlspace
-0x35: In ACrawlspace
-0x36: Turned Around In ACrawlspace
-0x37: Crawling
-0x38: Exiting A Crawlspace
-0x39: Turning Around In A Crawlspace
-0x3A: Shooting In A Crawlspace
-0x3B: Uncrouching/turned
-0x3C: Crouching
-0x3D: Grabbing A Ledge
-0x3E: Facing The Background
-0x3F: Turning to/from The Background
-0x40: Activating The Ziplines
-0x41: In The Space Pirate Ship
-0x42: Turning Around For The Space Pirate Ship
030013D5 Collision Detection Status?
030013D6 ArmCannon Direction
030013D7 TurnFlag
030013D8 Bouncing Flag/WallJumping Flag/Shinespark Angle
030013D9 SpeedBoosting Flag
030013DA Invincibility Timer
030013DB WallJump Timer
030013DC Shinespark Timer
030013DD UnmorphGlow Timer
030013DE SpeedBoost Counter/KnockBack Counter
030013E2 Direction
030013E4 ElevatorDirection(?)
030013E6 X Position
030013E8 Y Position
030013EA X Velocity
030013EC Y Velocity
030013EE Current Slope Type
030013F0 Animation Counter
030013F1 Animation Status
030013F4-01410 Previous Samus Data (Before last Pose-Change)
03001414 “L” Aiming Status
03001415 Shot Type
03001416 Missile Flag
03001417 Missile Selector Flag
03001418 Cooldown Timer
03001419 Charge Beam Counter
0300141A ArmCannon Knockback Timer
0300141C Echo Flag
0300141D Echo Remove Timer
0300141E Echo Distance
03001530 Health Capacity
03001532 Missile Capacity
03001534 Super Missile Capacity
03001535 Power Bomb Capacity
03001536 Current Health
03001538 Current Missiles
0300153A Current Super Missiles
0300153B Current Power Bombs
0300153C Beam + Bomb Status
0300153D Beam + Bomb Activation Status
0300153E Suit + Misc. Status
0300153F Suit + Misc. Activation Status
03001540 Scanned Map Status
03001541 Low Health Flag
03001542 Power Suit Status
030015D8 Horizontal Hitbox
030015DC Vertical Hitbox
030015DE CollisionType
-0 Is Grounded
-2 Is In Air
-4 Is Pulling Up From Ledge/saving
-5 Is Hanging On Ledge
030015DF Spinning/CrouchingFlag
-1 Is Spinning
-2 Is Crouching
030015E4 Underwater Flag
030015E6 X Acceleration
030015E8 Max X Speed
030015EA Gravity Strength
030015EC Max Jumping Speed
030015EE Max Falling Speed
030015F0 In-Air X Acceleration
030015F2 In-Air Max X Speed
030015F4 In-Air-Morphball Max X Speed
030015F8 Horizontal Hitbox
030015FA Vertical Hitbox
03001694 Time-Attack Best Time Password
030016A8 Time-Attack Best Time
030016AC Time-Attack Best Time 100% Password
030016C0 Time-Attack Best Time 100%
0300170C Time-Attack ID
0300175D Final Percentage
030017CC Map/Menu Item 1 Vertical Position
030017CE Map/Menu Item 1 Horizontal Position
030017D4 Map/Menu Item 1 Animation Counter
030017D5 Map/Menu Item 1 Animation
030017D6 Map/Menu Item 1 ID
030017DC Map/Menu Item 2 Vertical Position
030017DE Map/Menu Item 2 Horizontal Position
030017E4 Map/Menu Item 2 Animation Counter
030017E5 Map/Menu Item 2 Animation
030017E6 Map/Menu Item 2 ID
030017EC Map/Menu Item 3 Vertical Position
030017EE Map/Menu Item 3 Horizontal Position
030017F4 Map/Menu Item 3 Animation Counter
030017F5 Map/Menu Item 3 Animation
030017F6 Map/Menu Item 3 ID
0300180C Map/Menu Item 4 Vertical Position
0300180E Map/Menu Item 4 Horizontal Position
03001814 Map/Menu Item 4 Animation Counter
03001815 Map/Menu Item 4 Animation
03001816 Map/Menu Item 4 ID
03001D21 Current Music Flags
03001D22 Next Music ID
030053E0 Suit Colours
0300545C Door Slot 0 AnimationStatus
0300545D Door Slot 0 AnimationType
0300545E Door Slot 0 HitCounter
0300545F Door Slot 0 Type
03005460 Door Slot 0 AnimationCounter
03005461 Door Slot 0 XPosition
03005462 Door Slot 0 YPosition
03005463 Door Slot 0 ID
03005464-054CB Door Slots (0xD Slots of 0x8 Bytes)
030054F4 TideImageMovementType
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