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Fusion Samus Palettes

28DDFCDamage/Freezing/In Acid
28DE1CSeparate Hand Palette
28DE3CScrew Attack 1
28DE5CScrew Attack 2
28DE7CScrew Attack (Goes in Hand Palette Slot)
28DE9CSpeed Booster 1
28DEBCSpeed Booster 2
28DEDCSuit Palette upon dying
28DEFC to 28E0DCDeath/Zero Suit
28E0FCFrozen by SA-X
28E11CFrozen by SA-X (Hand)
28E13C to 28E41CX Absorption Animation
28E43C to 28E4BCSpawn Palette 1
28E4DC to 28E55CGeneric Spawn 1
28E57C to 28E5FCPower Suit Spawn
28E61C to 28E69CVaria Suit Spawn
28E6BC to 28E73CGravity Suit Spawn
28E75C to 28E7DCSpawn Palette 2 (Likely Used for Omega Suit)
28E7FC to 28E87CGeneric Spawn 2
28E89C to 28E91COmega Suit Spawn
28EAFC to 28F6DCBeam Palettes
28F6FC to 28F75CPower Save Palette
28F77C to 28F7DCVaria Save Palette
28F7FC to 28F85CGravity Save Palette
28F87C to 28F8DCOmega Save Palette
565D48Power (Using Navigation Terminal)
565D68Varia (Using Navigation Terminal)
565D88Gravity (Using Navigation Terminal)
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