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“Why don't more people hack Fusion or Zero Mission!?”



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 |$330948|3344712|10|8|HUD Energy Digits| |$330948|3344712|10|8|HUD Energy Digits|
 |$32F2C8|3338952|12|15|HUD Ammo counter/graphics| |$32F2C8|3338952|12|15|HUD Ammo counter/graphics|
-|$33D794|3397524|32|2|Countdown Timer (Mother brain)|+|$33D794|3397524|32|2|Countdown Timer (Mother Brain)|
 |$32618C|3301772|32|2|Countdown Timer (Mecha Ridley)| |$32618C|3301772|32|2|Countdown Timer (Mecha Ridley)|
 +|$4548B8|4540600|N/A|N/A|Generic Sprite Palette (File Select Screen)|
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