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 Door Transition speed. Door Transition speed.
-<color #FFA500> 0x5EF8A = 06 48 to 03 </​color>​\\ +<color #FFA500> 0x5EF8A = 06 48 to 03 E0</​color>​\\ 
-All door transitions are hatchless variant(Faster)+All door transitions are hatchless variant (Faster)
 <color #FFA500> 0x61116 = 08 D1 to C0 46</​color>​\\ <color #FFA500> 0x61116 = 08 D1 to C0 46</​color>​\\
 Press B to skip elevator/​boss intro cutscenes. Press B to skip elevator/​boss intro cutscenes.
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