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Super Metroid (SNES)

 Super Metroid title screen Super Metroid is the third game in the Metroid series, released for the SNES in 1994. Currently, it is the most widely-hacked Metroid game, and has the most resources available to help hackers.

All information here relates to the unheadered NTSC ROM: “Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc”, which should be 3,145,728 bytes in size and have CRC D63ED5F8, SHA1 DA957F0D63D14CB441D215462904C4FA8519C613, and MD5 21f3e98df4780ee1c667b84e57d88675; if your rom has a different checksum, then it is not a clean unheadered vanilla ROM, and you should try to acquire a new one. If you do not know how to verify your ROM's checksum, try opening the ROM in snes9x or use something like QuickHash or Microsoft's Checksum Tool.

For information related to patching this ROM please check Patching a ROMFIXME or the HOWTO on the main site.

For editing Super Metroid, the de facto standard level editor is SMART, offering automatic repointing and data management in addition to level editing. Previous notable SMILE branches include SMILE RF, SMILE JX, SMILE 3 (Parlor, WINE compatible), and SMILE 2.5.

Editors and Utilities


A list of guides created by the community, from manuals on the tools themselves to advanced guides relating to ASM, its all here.

Editor and Utility Guides

Manuals of the workings of all the editors and utilities available to you, detailing all their functions.

  • Super Metroid Mod Manual - Comprehensive guide to editing with SMILE RF, written by begrimed
  • SMILE 2.5 - The primary editor to Super Metroid, read all about its functions here
  • SMART - The new fangled automatic data managing editor, guide written by co-author amoeba

Basic Guides

These guides cover all the basic things around editing Metroid, as well as serving as a good starting point for learning how to get into Metroid hacking!

  • FAQ - Frequently answered questions here, if you got a problem, this might have the answer!

Intermediate Guides

These guides assume you have a good basic knowledge about editing Super Metroid already, you should probably be comfortable with using SMILE by now and be moving onto using tools like a hex editor.

Expert Guides

These guides could be pretty complex, you should probably be comfortable with assembly by now.

  • Learning ASM - Read this guide as your first step towards learning ASM
  • ASM stylesheet - Some tips to organize your ASM code and optimize your workflow when disassembling routines in SM.
  • Beam Editing Guide - How to find and edit various aspects of beams.

Wiki Based Hacking Resources And Information

This segment is reserved for technical information on Super Metroid, to be used as reference material for hackers, or for the curious wanting to know what makes Samus tick, or possibly you are interested in making a fan game and want to know how Super Metroid does things!

Data Maps

  • ARAM Map - A map of Audio RAM.
  • ROM Map - ROM map of Super Metroid, needs double checking however. Not to be confused with a disassembly.
  • RAM Map - RAM map of Super Metroid, incomplete.

Locations of Data

Technical Information

Disassembly Library

  • Library Index An overview of disassembled code by various dedicated hackers.
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