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Potentially Useful BTS Blocks For Hacks

Researched by Aran;Jaeger


This is a list of several existing BTS variations of blocks in Super Metroid which could be used in hacks for many different purposes. In order to understand this list you must have a basic understanding of counting in hexadecimal. Visit this page for more general hex editing information, although it should be noted that using these blocks does not require any direct hex editing.

Note that the properties of certain blocks are room-dependent and in some cases also position-dependent in relation to the room. Some blocks also have unstable/inconsistent behavior. There are other block values for blocks within this list that have the same properties and thus are not listed in here.

If you find any other interesting BTS blocks, feel free to add them to this list.

Formatting Rundown

In order to understand this list, you must understand the basic format in which it is written. An entry in the list is formatted as follows:



  • XX = the ID of the type of block
  • YY = the BTS value of the block

So, if I wanted the effects of the following block:

  • 02(65) “graphic patch” respawn-treadmill-bombcancel-block

I would place an Air Fool X-ray block (which has an ID of 02) with a BTS of 65 in SMILE.

The List

00. Air X-Ray blocks

  • (nothing, everything is perfectly like air)

01. Slope blocks

  • (nothing, except all the flipped slope variations that one can anyways get in the tableau)

02. Air Fool X-Ray blocks

  • 02(65) “graphic patch” respawn-treadmill-bombcancel-block
  • 02(9B) “sprite diffuser”
  • 02(A0) “double sticky”
  • 02(77) bottom sticky, top teleporter
  • 02(31) bottom sticky, top teleporter, spikey

03. Treadmill blocks

  • 03(C0); 03(C1); 03(C2) bottom solid, top bright sand, strong pull
  • 03(C3) most pulling, bottom solid
  • 03(C4) mediocre pulling, top stutter sink
  • 03(C5) least pulling, top stutter sink
  • 03(90) downfacing nom-nom
  • 03(91) upfacing nom-nom
  • 03(92); 03(93); 03(94); 03(95) bottom solid top bright sand

04. Shootable Air blocks

  • 04(01); 04(02); 04(03) multi-block-air that turns into respawn shot-block
  • 04(05); 04(06); 04(07) multi-block-air that turns into shot-block
  • 04(08) air-blocks that turns into respawn-PB-block after bombing it
  • 04(09) air-block that turns into PB-block after bombing it
  • 04(0A) air-block that turns into respawn-SM-block after bombing it
  • 04(0B) air-block that turns into SM-block after bombing it
  • 04(40); 04(41); 04(42); 04(43) air-block that turns into vert./hor. open door-shell after weapon-interaction
  • 04(4F) air that turns into wall after weapon-interaction

05. Horizontal blocks

  • (nothing, only horizontally copying blocks)

06. Air??? blocks

  • (nothing, everything is perfectly like air)

07. Bombable Air blocks

  • 07(32) weapon-crash-block, savestation-spawner after touching
  • 07(7A) touch-crash-block, weapon-multi-Varia-block

08. Solid Block blocks

  • (nothing, everything is perfectly like solid blocks)

09. Door blocks

  • (nothing, everything is either wrongwarp, crash transition or elevator transition block)

0A. Spike Block blocks

  • 0A(35) “sprite-diffuser”, Grapple-crash-block
  • 0A(7F) solid-block that turns into respawn-ScrewAttack-block after screwattacking, Grapple-crash-block
  • 0A(03) Draygon-turret-block
  • 0A(6D) Draygon-turret-platform-spawner, touch-crash-block, unstable block-shuffler/Grapple-crash-block

0B. Crumble Block blocks

  • 0B(1A); 0B(1B); 0B(1C); 0B(1D) air-block that turns into speed-block after bombing
  • 0B(58) Missile-refill-station-spawner after bombing
  • 0B(F1) weapon-solid-/touch-air-block that turns into respawning bomb-only-/powerbomb-only-block
  • 0B(F2) solid-block- and right-air-block- spawner after bombing
  • 0B(F3) solid-block- and down+right+downright-air-block- spawner after bombing
  • 0B(C0); 0B(C1); 0B(C2) pulling, can jump off of it, weapon-solid, PB-crash-block
  • 0B(C3) pulling, cannot jump off of it, weapon-solid, PB-crash-block
  • 0B(7A) touch-crash-block, weapon-multi-Varia-block
  • 0B(A3) Bowling-statue-grab-block

0C. Shot Block blocks [are in general regarding touching solid]

  • 0C(4F) solid-block that turns into wall after weapon-interaction
  • 0C(E6); 0C(E7); 0C(E8); 0C(E9) respawning bomb-only-/powerbomb-only-blocks of different sizes
  • 0C(EA); 0C(EB); 0C(EC); 0C(ED) bomb-only-/powerbomb-only-blocks of different sizes

0D. Vertical blocks

  • (nothing, only vertically copying blocks)

0E. Grapple Block blocks [are in general regarding touching solid]

  • 0E(16) Draygon-turret-block
  • 0E(05) solid-block that turns into open door shell with top-right-block air-block-trig:ger after grappling

0F. Bomb Block blocks

  • 0F(14) top-solid vert. door-shell spawner after touching
  • 0F(32) weapon-crash-block, savestation-spawner after touching
  • 0F(7A) touch-crash-block, weapon-multi-Varia-block
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