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 +====== Various hijack points for Super Metroid ======
 +"Hijacking" in the context of ROMhacking is the practice of locating a section of code that runs under the conditions you desire, and then overwriting a section of that code to insert a jump to a new location where you write the custom subroutine you want to run under those same conditions. Typically, at the end or beginning of a hijack subroutine, you should rewrite the code you overwrote for the jump.
 +===== Every frame =====
 +^ Offset (PC) ^ Offset (SNES LoROM) ^ Instructions at Offset ^ Info ^
 +| $010BAC | $828BAC |  | Taken from Flamestar666's Standstill-Healing ASM. |
 +| $001B4E | $809B4E | LDA $09C0 | Part of the HUD routine that runs when game is running and paused; start of the section that draws the reserve tank arrows |
 +===== Related pages =====
 +[[..:super | Super Metroid]]\\
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