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Hacking Information

Enemy Bank: $AA

PC Address Changes Description
0x25193 00 02 to ?? ?? Changes which item is needed to activate the lower Norfair Chozo statue (the one that lowers the room's acid). 00 02 = space jump (default), 04 00 = morph ball, etc. (found by JAM)
0x156777 4A 17 to ?? ?? Position of Silver Chozo “hand” in Wrecked Ship. X coordinate is the first byte, Y coordinate is the second byte.
0x25160 08 to ?? Y position of Golden Chozo “hand” in Norfair.
0x2516B 04 to ?? X position of Golden Chozo “hand” in Norfair.
0x251DA 0C 1D to ?? ?? Position of plug that will be removed when the acid is lowered.
0x7B1F8 6A to 7A Change to be able to change liquid level, it's lowering speed etc. and SMILE. When done, change it back.
0x25156 D2 02 to ?? ?? Change liquid level in Golden Chozo room after re-entering it.

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