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Projectile Sounds

Various offsets to edit the sounds for beams, their combos + charge version as well as missile sounds when fired.

Beams & missiles use library 1 sounds; specifically, sounds 03-04, 0B-22 and C2.

$842950EIce + Waveno
$8429912Spazer + Waveno
$8429B10Spazer + Iceno
$8429D11Spazer + Wave + Iceno
$842A116Plasma + Waveno
$842A314Plasma + Iceno
$842A515Plasma + Ice + Waveno
$842AD1AIce + Waveyes
$842B11ESpazer + Waveyes
$842B31CSpazer + Iceyes
$842B51DSpazer + Wave + Iceyes
$842B922Plasma + Waveyes
$842BB20Plasma + Iceyes
$842BD21Plasma + Wave + Iceyes
$842BF00Unused Plasma + Spazer combo
$842C304Super missile

Active Enemy Sounds

These aren't the same as “enemy hurt sounds” which can be edited right in SMILE. You only need to edit the middle value (A9 ## 00). Keep in mind what library the sounds are in. Values listed from top to bottom as I found them in the ROM, so some sounds are scattered around. The sounds are pretty isolated, so changing one shouldn't affect other things unless noted.

Values described as “?????” are ones I either couldn't hear any changes to after editing, or didn't check since the library sound used was mute or used to clear other sustaining sounds. The latter mostly applies to “B9 00 00” instructions. I didn't feel like breakpointing each one.

Below sounds JSL to 8090CB and use library 2

OffsetHex ValueNotes
111F2CA9 34 00Noise for Saboten puffing out and shooting its cactus needles
113C2AA9 65 00Noise for Rio swooping down at Samus (big bulky Brinstar fly things)
114359A9 65 00Noise for big bulky Norfair fly things swopping down at Samus
1108D0A9 0E 00Noise that Boyon (yellow slime) makes when it hops up and down
11107BA9 1B 00Giant “Kame” turtle ramming into walls
1114D1A9 3A 00Giant “Kame” turtle's swishing sound as it flies through the air
112764A9 4D 00Low pulsing hum of Samus' ship hovering up and down
113F36A9 0D 00Splash sound of red “Squeept” enemies from Norfair hopping in and out of lava
114825A9 64 00Blue “Holtz” enemies from lower Norfair swooping down at Samus
114B6DA9 0E 00Giant green snail things from Maridia poking its mouth things out at Samus
114FD7A9 63 00?????
1153B8A9 57 00?????
11670FA9 61 00Lava dragons in Norfair spitting fireballs at Samus
1189EBA9 5B 00Metal skree diving down at Samus
118A54A9 5C 00Metal skree burrowing into the ground
11BA7AA9 56 00“BANG” absorbing damage from Samus' beam shots, presumably Haven't tested
11C70EA9 5B 00Skree diving down at Samus
11C777A9 5C 00Skree burrowing into the ground
11DC72A9 57 00?????
11EAA7A9 50 00Metroid sounds while draining Samus
1208CAA9 54 00?????
120A22A9 3B 00?????
120CFDA9 74 00Crocomire roaring
120D09A9 25 00Crocomire raking his claws into the ground
120DA5A9 75 00Crocomire's bones collapsing after he dies
120E91A9 3B 00Crocomire falling through the blocks at the end of his room
120FD5A9 76 00Crocomire walking backwards
1214FDA9 77 00Crocomire's dying roars after falling into lava
1218ACA9 2B 00Crocomire's room shaking before he breaks down the wall of spikes
121982A9 29 00Crocomire pushing down the wall of spikes (first sound)
1219C0A9 30 00Crocomire pushing down the wall of spikes (second sound)
121A7EA9 25 00Crocomire's skeleton landing on the ground, right before it collapses
12E9A7A9 29 00Spore Spawn's room shifting colors after he is killed
12E6E82C 2C 00Spore Spawn opening and exposing his core
12E9A7A9 29 00Spore Spawn's last noise as he dries up and dies
12E9EBA9 25 00Spore Spawn's death explosions
1308A9A9 42 00Big round gray boulders breaking (first sound)
1308D5A9 43 00Big round gray boulders breaking (second sound)
13099BA9 42 00????? (unused “KZAN”?)
1309B6A9 43 00????? (unused “KZAN”?)
130C18A9 1B 00Bloody spike platforms (“KZAN”) from Wrecked Ship/Lower Norfair crashing down
130DB1A9 61 00Fire pillars from Lower Norfair (“HIBASHI”) shooting upwards
131948A9 5E 00Fire rings from lower Norfair (“PUROMI”)
131B1EA9 3F 00Mini Kraid firing spikes from its belly
131BBCA9 16 00Mini Kraid roaring and spitting rocks
132ACDA9 4E 00Ceres Ridley flying away before the escape timer starts
13364CA9 76 00?????
137838A9 25 00Ceres door exploding during escape sequence when Samus enters elevator room
13AF95A9 2D 00Kraid roaring
13B650A9 76 00Kraid's footsteps
13D9DEA9 24 00Phantoon's death explosions (first sound)
13D9E7A9 2B 00Phantoon's death explosions (second sound)
13DA7EA9 7E 00Phantoon's final slow death roar/groan
13DDB9A9 73 00Phantoon's hurt sound when his HP reaches 0 (lolwut)
13DDDCA9 73 00Phantoon's hurt sound
13EA2FA9 33 00Etecoons chirping (first sound)
13EB8EA9 32 00Etecoons chirping (second sound)
13EE36A9 33 00Etecoons chirping (third sound)
13EE8CA9 33 00Etecoons chirping (fourth sound? Couldn't hear any difference)
13F6BEA9 3D 00Dachora “pressing down” after running and charging its shinespark
13F6E5A9 39 00Dachora running and gaining speed booster echoes
13F7CAA9 3B 00Dachora shinesparking
13F892A9 3C 00Dachora crashing into the ceiling after shinesparking
140791A9 5E 00Mini Draygon's noise Not the same ones that appear in the boss room
141135A9 17 00Blue “EYE” enemies shining their yellow light on Samus
141174A9 71 00Stops the “EYE” enemy's light sound? Probably shouldn't edit
14213EA9 2F 00Yapping maw (“HAND”) enemies clamping their jaws together
1450B8A9 68 00Robot enemies in Wrecked Ship walking around
145DBCA9 5E 00Walking dragon enemies (“NDRA”) jumping out of the ground
145F2AA9 3F 00Walking dragon enemies (“NDRA”) spitting fireballs at Samus
1476DCA9 4C 00All variations of “HACHI” spitting acid at Samus after losing their wings
149AF1A9 63 00Mother Brain shooting a string of fireballs at Samus from her hand
149F98A9 7F 00Mother Brain charging her rainbow beam
14B52BA9 6E 00Mother Brain taking damage while sitting in her glass casing
14B944A9 71 00Stops Mother Brain's rainbow charging sound Probably can be changed safely
14BC9EA9 24 00Bomb sounds while Samus is pinned to the wall by Mother Brain's rainbow beam
14BE0DA9 71 00????? Probably related to mother brain or the giant metroid Unused?
14C7C4A9 72 00????? Probably related to the giant metroid Unused?
14C9DAA9 52 00????? Probably related to the giant metroid Unused?
14CB13A9 72 00????? Probably related to the giant metroid Unused?
14D5E1A9 10 00Dried Torizo before the giant metroid'a room collapsing into a pile of dust
14F2D9A9 7D 00Giant metroid's “feeling sorry” noise after it drains Samus
14F360A9 52 00Giant metroid's last noises as it flies away after draining Samus
14F77FA9 78 00Giant metroid's noise as it drains the sidehopper, Samus and Mother Brain
14F999A9 52 00Giant metroid's noises as it lingers over Samus after draining her
154610A9 27 00Bomb Torizo and Golden Torizo's noise while spitting out round projectiles
154618A9 4B 00Bomb Torizo and Golden Torizo's footsteps
15538FA9 34 00Golden Torizo spawning eggs from its belly when it's very low on health
155397A9 67 00Golden Torizo firing ring-shaped projectiles from its eyes down at Samus
15539FA9 48 00Seems related to Bomb/Golden Torizo, but I didn't notice any changes
15657FA9 1C 00Chozo statues in Wrecked Ship/Lower Norfair gripping onto Samus
156587A9 4B 00Chozo statue's footsteps while carrying Samus to gravity suit in Wrecked Ship
16F414A9 25 00Mother Brain's head falling to the ground after being killed by hyper beam
190898A9 66 00????? Space pirate sound, but I couldn't hear any changes
196F95A9 66 00Climbing space pirates jumping from one wall to another
199752A9 7C 00Botwoon spitting his 5 green projectiles at Samus
19957BA9 24 00Botwoon's body parts hitting the ground, and blocks breaking (first sound)

Below sounds JSL to 8090AD and use library 2

OffsetHex ValueNotes
20C61B9 00 00?????
30363B9 00 00?????
141627A9 1F 00“FUNE” and “NAMI” spitting fireballs

Below sounds JSL to 8090B7 and use library 2

OffsetHex ValueNotes
20C46B9 00 00?????
30348B9 00 00?????
11AA6AB9 00 00????? Looks like it should go to mocktroids, but I couldn't hear a difference
11D229A9 70 00Small Maridian snails when Samus knocks them off of a wall
11D3E3A9 70 00Small Maridian snails when Samus pushes them around by running into them
11D497A9 70 00Small Maridian snails when Samus shoots them with beams or missiles
134371A9 45 00“Time bomb set!” text typing itself on-screen after Ceres Ridley flies away
134666A9 24 00Ridley's death explosions
148921A9 24 00Mother Brain's container exploding and collapsing
148BC3A9 24 00Mother Brain's head hitting the floor after her container collapses
148F75A9 29 00Mother Brain's body emerging from the floor
14B24FA9 10 00Mother Brain's dried head crumbling away after she dies
14B38BA9 24 00Wall behind Mother Brain bursting open after she dies
14DC37A9 10 00Dry creatures in Tourian crumbling away after Samus touches them

Below sounds JSL to 8090C1 and use library 2

OffsetHex ValueNotes
20C7CB9 00 00?????
3037EB9 00 00?????
36E8DA9 09 00'Small explosion' death sound Shared by multiple enemies!
36E99A9 24 00'Series of explosions' death sound Shared by multiple enemies!
36EA5A9 0B 00'Killed by screw attack/booster' death sound Shared by almost all enemies!
370C2A9 01 00Sound for small energy pick-ups that enemies drop
370D1A9 02 00Sound for large energy pick-ups that enemies drop
370E0A9 05 00Sound for power bomb pick-ups that enemies drop
370EFA9 03 00Sound for missile pick-ups that enemies drop
370FEA9 04 00Sound for super missile pick-ups that enemies drop
10255AA9 0B 00'Killed by screw attack/booster' death sound Shared by almost all enemies!

Below sounds JSL to 809125 and use library 3

OffsetHex ValueNotes
10408A9 01 00Library 3? Stops Samus' health warning after escaping Ceres Shouldn't edit
10487A9 01 00????? Library 3?
10534A9 01 00????? Library 3?
15D50A9 01 00????? Library 3?
20C34B9 00 00????? Library 3?
2530BA9 2E 00Mother Brain's glass container shattering
30336B9 00 00????? Library 3?
856A7A9 01 00????? Library 3?
875A1A9 25 00Library 3 Plays whenever Samus stops speed boosting

Below sounds JSL to 80912F and use library 3

OffsetHex ValueNotes
20C6AB9 00 00?????
3036CB9 00 00?????
850A3A9 0F 00Shinespark sound if Samus only presses jump and nothing else
8DAD0A9 0C 00'Shinespark stored' sound after Samus presses down while glowing blue
8FAF3A9 03 00

Below sounds JSL to 809139 and use library 3

OffsetHex ValueNotes
15C3EA9 2D 00Repeating sound of reserve tanks refilling Samus' energy after it reaches 0
20C4FB9 00 00?????
30351B9 00 00?????
801F0A9 2D 00Repeating sound of lava draining Samus' energy
80232A9 2D 00Repeating sound of acid draining Samus' energy
1027DDA9 0A 00????? Frozen enemy sound; probably affects a specific enemy(s) Not metroids
1028ABA9 0A 00Frozen enemy sound Affects most, if not all enemies that can be frozen
13437AA9 0D 00“Time bomb set!” text typing itself on-screen after Mother Brain dies
14B091A9 13 00Multiple explosions as Mother Brain dies and her body fades away
14C557A9 2D 00Repeating sound of the giant metroid refilling Samus' energy
14CDF4A9 13 00Multiple explosions as the giant metroid dies and falls off-screen

Below sounds JSL to 809143 and use library 3

OffsetHex ValueNotes
20C85B9 00 00?????
30387B9 00 00?????

Below sounds JSL to 80914D and use library 3

OffsetHex ValueNotes
8D21A9 01 00?????
9460A9 01 00?????
12954A9 2A 00Sound of the blinking “L” and “R” buttons on the pause screens
12F7AA9 2D 00Repeating sound of Samus manually using reserve tanks on the equipment screen
13C0CA9 23 00?????
13C15A9 26 00?????
13C1EA9 27 00?????
13E27A9 01 00?????
13E3CA9 2B 00'Shinespark stored' sound that substitutes 8DAD0 when Samus stops moving?
20C19B9 00 00?????
3031BB9 00 00?????
31AA0A9 1D 00Phantoon spawning rows of eye flames during his vulnerable phase
31AD2A9 1D 00Phantoon's rows of eye flames hitting the floor during his vulnerable phase
31D4DA9 1E 00Kraid rising up from the ground; both phases
34427A9 13 00Mother Brain's blue/green rings exploding after she spits them at Samus
34548A9 13 00Mother Brain's mouth bombs exploding after bouncing along the ground
34749A9 13 00Mother Brain's orange fireball string exploding when it hits the wall
588AFA9 0D 00Sound of green text typing itself on-screen during the game's intro
5A25BA9 23 00Related to intro music and probably other stuff Shouldn't edit
5A263A9 26 00Related to intro music and probably other stuff Shouldn't edit
5A26BA9 27 00Related to intro music and probably other stuff Shouldn't edit
5BA9FA9 23 00Related to intro music and probably other stuff Shouldn't edit
5BB4AA9 23 00Related to intro music and probably other stuff Shouldn't edit
6C67CB9 00 00?????
6E3A4A9 2D 00Repeating sound of Samus losing health in heated rooms without varia/gravity
805A3A9 03 00Samus gaining speed ala speed booster and getting blue echoes
8241BA9 06 00Samus' quiet footsteps anytime she's moving along the ground
8533DA9 10 00Slightly shorter bomb explosion sound; possibly used for a boss somewhere
86A8FA9 01 00Stops warning beep when Samus' energy raises back up to 32+
86A9DA9 02 00Warning beep when Samus' energy drops to 31 or lower
87339A9 02 00Warning beep 'refreshing' after unpausing the game or collecting an item
8E6D7A9 02 00Warning beep again Probably another refresh under some other conditions
8F08CA9 05 00Samus landing after a low jump; 'soft landing'
8F09AA9 04 00Samus landing after a higher jump; 'hard landing'
8F2E8A9 05 00Samus kicking off of a wall during a walljump
11293AA9 14 00Samus' ship opening (used once, only after touching down on Zebes)
11297FA9 15 00Samus' ship closing (used once, only after touching down on Zebes)
112A47A9 14 00Samus' ship opening (entering ship)
112A8CA9 15 00Samus' ship closing (entering ship)
112B58A9 14 00Samus' ship opening (exiting ship)
112B9DA9 15 00Samus' ship closing (exiting ship)
116F60A9 0E 00All gates sounds, except ones with blue/red/green/yellow switches
119555A9 0B 00Elevators humming while taking Samus up or down
1195FEA9 25 00Used to end the elevator hum, but is safe to replace with another sound ;)
11A983A9 2D 00Repeating sound of mocktroids draining Samus
11EE75A9 2D 00Repeating sound of metroids draining Samus
11F008A9 0A 00Metroids getting frozen by ice beam
12079EA9 1C 00Crocomire firing round projectiles from his mouth
120D45A9 22 00Crocomire struggling in acid (bubbling sounds)
129F70B9 00 00????? Draygon's death sound?
12E8A5B9 00 00????? Draygon-related?
133FD7A9 24 00?????
1352C7A9 21 00Ridley swinging his tail at Samus
1376BDA9 2C 00Ceres doors opening
137DADA9 09 00Sound of Zebetites in Mother Brain's room when shot by Samus
13B893A9 1F 00Kraid shooting his belly spike platforms
13BC1BA9 1E 00Kraid spitting rocks at Samus (before his whole body emerges)
13C528A9 1E 00Kraid sinking into the ground after he's killed (rumbling sounds)
13CF68A9 1D 00Phantoon dropping eye flames randomly during the fight
13CF83A9 28 00Phantoon firing his eye flames in an outward circle
13D4BAA9 1D 00Phantoon's eye flames appearing at the very beginning of the fight
13D8E6A9 29 00Phantoon firing waves of eye flames after being hit by a super missile
143E8CA9 2D 00Repeating sound of hopping “NOMI” enemies draining Samus
149B32BD 00 00????? Something to do with Mother Brain Shouldn't edit
14CBFFA9 19 00????? Probably shouldn't edit, based on what sound 19 is

Other In-Game Sounds

1C90missile selection click
96FEcopy data move downwwards
9713go back on data copy menu
9730copy data move upwards
973bcopy data select
9834copy to downwards
9870copy to back
9880copy to select
989Ccopy to upwards
99A5comfirm copy yes
99CEconfirm copy no
99E3confirm copy move cursor
9B9Ddata clear downwards
9BA8data clear select
9BCDdata clear Upwards
9BD7data clear select
9C50data clear confirm cancel
9C6Ccata clear confirm cancel 2?
9C83data clear confirm cursor
9D2Fdata cleared confirmed fade
A1F8return to title screen
A1FFreturn to title screen 2nd sound
A21AFile select (ABC)
A2B3cursor moving file select
A2D2data copy select
A2ECdata clear select
A832loading into map from world map 1
ABA0loading into map from world map 2
ADACStarting game from map screen
ADD9Loading out to world map from map 1
AFFFloading out to world map from map 2
112A8menu movement click
12565switching between equipment/map screen
125C3Pressing start when paused
12CDFhighlighting reserve tank in manual mode
12CF8highlighting Mode (in manual) from reserve tank
12E9Bchanging between manual mode and auto mode
1344Bhighlight mode while in auto
13481moving cursor over beams downwards
134A3moving cursor over beams upwards/moving into beams from boots
134CFmoving downwards on suit/misc
134FDmoving upwards on suit/misc
1352Bmoving over boots downwards
13554moving over boots upwards
13575select on/off equipment sound(noreserve)
13E4Cresume charge sound after unpausing
16D4Doption mode cursor upwards
16D68option mode cursor downwards
16D8Foption mode change language
1702Cspecial setting more cursor upwards
17047special setting mode cursot downwards
17064special setting mode go back (press B)
17079special setting mode selection(pressing a)
17161controller config moving cursor up
17187controller config moving cursor down
171B6controller confid input (all)
80090water splash (exiting)
800E0entering splash
80180bubble1 (underwater)
80185bubble2 (underwater)
801F1health draining under lava
80232damage drain sound under acid
802BDburning Sound from acid/lava
80453Flip sound after walljumping
80464Resuming spacejump after walljump
80478resuming screw attack after walljump
805A4change sound of speed booster boost
8241Bsamus's steps
85337shinespark hurt (stopping)
8533Eshinespark impact
824EfFliping in water (without gravity suit)
83B41charge beam charging (startup)
8414Bbomb explosion
84D83Waveshield startup
85AF6Waveshield continuation
85A18Waveshield end (clears sound)
84E0CIceshield ring
84F12Iceshield impact
84F6AIceshield Break
84E80Spazer Shield startup
85C21Spazer Shield end
84F01Plasma Shield
87457Fliping sound while hurt
87460spacejump sound while hurt
87469screwattack while hurt
87482Walljumping while hurt
875C9landing a flip
8F067landing a flip2 (very fast)
8D591varia get
8D669gravity get
8D8CESamus hurt
8EF31xray scope
8F6CCFlipping to the right
8F6D5Spacejump to the right
8F72DFlipping to the left
8F736Spacejump to the left
86A9Elow health alarm 1 (does not repeat if not set to 02)
875A1impacting into object (running into a wall)
8F08Dsoft landing
8F09Bhard landing
8DAD1shinespark stored
8FAF4sphinespark sound
980f0beam impact sound
980FDMissile impact sound
DC694Fire grapple
DC73BGrapple latch
DC843Grapple Break
DC8C6Grapple delatch
10255Bdeath by screwattack/speedboost
1027CCImpact on “armored” enemies
1108D1yellow ooze enemies
111F2Dchanges thorn attack on cacti
112764samus's ship hover
113C2BGiant yellow flies in brinstar
11435Abig pink buff fly in norfair

Library 1 Sounds

01Power Bomb
02Clear sounds from this library?
03Fire Missile
04Fire Super Missile
05Fire Grapple
06Grappling on a block
07Short grapple sound, not sure when it's used exactly
08Charge beam
0AClear sounds from this library?
0BFire beam (Normal)
0CFire beam (Ice)
0DFire beam (Wave)
0EFire beam (Wave/Ice)
0FFire beam (Spazer)
10Fire beam (Spazer/Ice)
11Fire beam (Spazer/Ice/Wave)
12Fire beam (Spazer/Wave)
13Fire beam (Plasma)
14Fire beam (Plasma/Ice)
15Fire beam (Plasma/Wave/Ice)
16Fire beam (Plasma/Wave)
17Fire beam (Charged)
18Fire beam (Charged Ice)
19Fire beam (Charged Wave)
1AFire beam (Charged Wave/Ice)
1BFire beam (Charged Spazer)
1CFire beam (Charged Spazer/Ice)
1DFire beam (Charged Spazer/Wave/Ice)
1EFire beam (Charged Spazer/Wave)
1FFire beam (Charged Plasma)
20Fire beam (Charged Plasma/Ice)
21Fire beam (Charged Plasma/Wave/Ice)
22Fire beam (Charged Plasma/Wave)
23Ice beam shield
24Ice beam shield fires off
25Spazer shield
26Spazer shield fires off
27Plasma shield
28Wave shield
2ASamus helmet noise in the start menu
2ESave station saving
2FSpin jump sound (full spin sound)
30Resuming normal spin jumping
31Starting normal spin jumping
32Stop spinjump sound?
33Screw attack sound Ramps up then loops
34Stop screw-attack sound?
35Samus hurt
36Map 'click' when moving/scrolling
37Selection click when moving on equipment screen or pressing select item
38Sound from when you change between equipment screens, or you toggle an equipped item
39Same as 37 (quieter)
3BGoing from world map to area map when loading saved game
3CGoing from area map to world map when loading saved game
3DCrumble block
3ESpace jump
3FSame as 31
40Mother brain's laser attack?
41Resuming a charged beam, not starting it
42Boss death throes (only with Kraid/Crocomire/Phantoon Boss BGM)
43+Locks up sound and music

Library 2 Sounds

01Health pickup
02Health pickup (for large?)
03Missile pickup
04Missile pickup (for supers?)
05Missile pickup (for powerbombs?)
06Not sure Almost sounds like a bomb or a dud shot, but isn't either
07(Super) Missile explosion
08Bomb explosion
09Enemy death sound?
0ABlock break
0BEnemy death sound (from screw attack, I think)
0CEnemy death sound? (Insom: Beam dud noise?)
0DLoud Water splash
0ESoft Water splash
0F'large' Air bubbles
10Scraping sound from dust enemies
11'small' Air bubbles
12'one' Air bubble (Tourian?)
13'two' Air bubbles (Tourian?)
14'three' Air bubbles (Tourian?)
16Boss screaming (only with Kraid/Crocomire/Phantoon Boss BGM)
17Low pitch X-ray scope (Does NOT stop, ignores new sounds)
18Load game 'hum' (very quiet) Loops infinitely till stopped
19Boss gem shattering and goodies inside flying upward
1AExplosions + smashing Mother Brain's glass case (Would make a good monster scream when paired with boss BGM)
1BA muffled explosion? (Insom: A boulder smashing?)
1CWrecked Ship chozo statue gripping Samus (as morph ball)
1DDachora chirping noise
1ESmashing Mother Brain's glass case (Would make a good monster scream when paired with boss BGM)
1FWeird tone then a plasma shot sound? (Probably specific enemy sound)
20Space pirate barking?
21Skree dive bombing / Reo screetch?
22Hurt enemy 2? (Pipe enemies)
23Hurt enemy 3? (Ball enemies)
24Bomb explosion? (Used when escaping Zebes)
25Sounds like a missile shot that immediately hits a wall, but muffled (Used when escaping Zebes)
26Torizo shooting a cresent thing
27Hurt enemy 4 (larger enemies, Torizo)
28Bomb explosion
29Shot block breaking?
2ABomb explosion
2BMultiple bomb explosions Not bomb-spread sound
2CEither a Draygon scream or a Metroid/Mother Brain scream
2DCrocomire scream
2ECrocomire death throes
2FYapping maw
30Some sort of boss noise
31Jumping starfish noise
32Etecoon noise
33Different etecoon noise
34Puffing noise from those super missile giving cacti (saboten)
35Etecoon humming the 'item get!' theme
36Swooping Norfair enemies
37Plugging into and using a missile/energy/map thing
38Finished using the aforementioned thing
39Speed Booster running
3ASingle spin jump?
3BRipping noise, not sure where from
3CMissile explosion
3DShinespark charged up
3FMissile launcher noise
40A squeaky noise that reminds me of something disengaging
42Breaking noise, maybe from crumbling chozo statue
43Another explosion, sounds muffled
45A double-clicking sort of sound
46Bubbling used in some rooms where lava rises
47Swooping Norfair enemy?
48Torizo shooting
49Furry wall crawlers from Maridia
4AVery odd Sort of a buzzing sound
4BStepping sound from the Wrecked Ship Chozo statue
4CDraygon shooting his sticky white stuff ^_^
4DLow pitch humming sound you hear in the background of some rooms (ie: the one right before the boss statues)
4ESlightly different power bomb sound
4FSplashing sound?
50Metroid screech (only works with Tourian/Maridia BGMs)
51Some sort of echoing noise
52Alternate metroid screech?
53Squishing noise
54Lower pitched skree noise
55Similar to #4A
56'Suit get!' noise
57Crumble block?
58Another metroid scream
59Ridley's roar
5AMetroid feeding noise?
5BSkree noise
5CSkree meets ground
5DVery subtle noise, sounds like rubbing/scraping
5ESounds like a swishing of air made from swinging a large object?
5FNorfair bouncy ball enemy?
60Sounds VERY suitable for a mini-crocomire, but needs to be with a Crocomire/Kraid BGM
61Starts off like a power bomb but truncates before getting very high pitched
62Scraping noise?
63Mother Brain explosion shot
64Similar to #61
65Swooping horsefly thing from brinstar
66Space pirate noise
67Space pirate shooting noise
68Sounds like same instrument used to make the Kraid/Crocomire boss anticipation BGM
69Completely unrecognizable
6APuffing noise from those super missile giving cacti things
6BMother Brain eye beam
6CSubtle knocking noise
6DSuper missile explosion?
6EMother Brain (first form) oww noise
6FMother Brain (second form) scream
70Snail enemy rolling noise
72Shitroid feeling sorry noise
73Draygon roar/Phantoon scream (Both work flawlessly)
74Crocomire roar/Shitroid dies (Both work flawlessly)
75Collapsing Crocomire bones (works everywhere oO)
76Super missile explosion?
77Crocomire death throes in lava pit
78Shitroid feeding off of Samus in Tourian and Maridia BGM/Shitroid feeding off of Mother Brain during with battle's BGM
79Phantoon death throes?
7AMore Phantoon death throes?
7BEven more Phantoon death throes?
7CBotwoon barking
7DSad Metroid :(
7EMother Brain roar
7FMother Brain is chargin her laser

Library 3 Sounds

01Clear sounds from this library?
02Low Health alarm
04Land from jump (loud)
05Land from jump (soft)
07Opening door
08Closing door
09Hit a red door with a missile
0AFrozen enemy
0BElevator moving
0CSuper jump charged
0DTypewriter? (during intro text)
0EGate moving
0FSuper jump
10Similar to bomb, but not as long Unsure (might be for boss explosions)
11Sounds kinda like a block breaking
12Clear sounds from this library?
13Bomb explosion
14Samus's ship door opening
15Samus's ship door closing
16Block break –> explosion (that's what it sounds like at least)
17Space Pirate beam
19'Busy' sound
1BSame instrument as busy sound, random notes
1CSounds similar to normal beam
1DPhantoon's eye flames
1EBomb explosion
1FMissile firing, but very very slightly higher pitched; Kraid firing belly spikes
21Single spinjump sound
223 bubbly sounds; Crocomire sinking into acid
23Low tone that lasts for about 2 seconds and ends abruptly
24Same as above #23, but with a short fade-out
25Stop speed running sound?
26Low tone that repeats twice and fades out; similar to #23 and #24
27Similar to #23, but slightly buzzier sounding
28Sounds like Saboten/Mini Kraid when they shoot spikes; repeats 6 times quickly
29Similar to #28, but repeats 5 times at a faster rate; Phantoon's super missile reaction
2AQuiet sound of the “L” and “R” buttons on the pause screen blinking
2BRepeating speed booster sound after Samus has reached max speed
2CCeres doors opening
2DLow repeating sound when Samus' energy is being drained or refilled by various things
2ELoud tone that plays 3 descending notes; the rhythm makes me think of enemy hurt sounds
30+Locks up sound and music
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