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bank F:

  • tile 00 is a breakable block
  • tile 01 and 02 are the animation frames, and cannot be used
  • tile 03 is a lava tile
  • tile 04 is a lava submerged rock tile
  • tiles 05-38 are the gunship
  • tile 39 is a rock tile
  • tiles 3a-3b are sand tiles
  • tile 3c is a background tile
  • tile 3d is…another gunship tile
  • tile 3e is another background tile
  • tile 3f is another lava tile
  • tiles 40-4f are background tiles
  • tiles 50-5e are surface tiles
  • tile 5f is another rock tile
  • tile 60 is a quarter rock tile, upper left
  • tile 61 is a quarter rock tile, upper right
  • tile 62 is a quarter rock tile, lower left
  • tile 63 is a quarter rock tile, lower right
  • tile 64 is tile 60 with a different BG
  • tile 65 is tile 61 with a different BG
  • tile 66 is tile 62 with a different BG
  • tile 67 is tile 63 with a different BG
  • tiles 68-78 are BG tiles
  • tiles 79-7d are crystalized X-parasites
  • tile 7f is empty air
  • tiles 80-ff seem corrupted or empty, because they are just glitched out breakable blocks and/or air.

Bank E: not there yet…

Bank D: not there yet…

Bank C: not there yet…

Bank B: not there yet…

Bank A: not there yet…

Bank 9: not there yet…

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