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Metroid II Hex Tweaks

“Hex Tweaks” are loosely defined as sets of single-or-multiple-byte-changes that can be preformed for desirable effects. There is no clearly-defined upper limit for the number of bytes that can constitute a 'hex tweak' but they are usually less than 16 bytes' worth of changes.


Tweaks for the mechanics of Samus.

0x96C - 40 to 58
0x980 - 3F to 57
0x9F3 - 70 to 58
0xA07 - 71 to 59
Centers Samus' horizontal position during movement where the screen scrolls horizontally.

0x1C2A - 01 to 02
0x1C6D - 01 to 02
Samus runs faster on the ground.

0x1C99 - 02 to 03
0x1CCA - 02 to 03
Morph ball rolls faster on the ground.

0x1CFB - 01 to 02
0x1D27 - 01 to 02
Samus moves faster in air.


Tweaks for beams, missiles, and bombs.

0x51A1 - Everything up to 0x51C1 becomes 04
Makes missiles fire at a faster and more consistent speed.

0x53FC - 60 to ??
Changes the amount of time it takes for a bomb to explode. Change this to 30 for Super Metroid's bomb explode time, or 20 for Zero Mission's.

Drops & Items

Tweaks for anything collectable–items, expansions, drops.

0x374D - 01 to 05
0x3752 - 01 to 00
Makes items and E-Tanks play the shorter, quicker acquisition jingle, just like Missile Tanks.

0x8267 - 20 to ??
Changes the amount of energy a large energy drop will add.

0x8270 - 05 to ??
Changes the amount of energy a normal energy drop will add.

0x82AC - 05 to ??
Changes the amount of missiles a normal missile drop will add.


Tweaks that don't quite fit in with any of the particular categories.

0x190E - 56 to FF
Makes a spin jump fly upward forever if you release A before the apex of the jump. Hitting a ceiling or shooting will cancel it. Best combined with Respin.

0x2CB6 - 28 to 20
0x2D02 - 20 to 28
Enables debug menu on pause.
Note: This reverses how RAM address D0A0 reads flags 00 and 01.

0x2CE4 - 01 to 02
Music keeps playing on pause.

0x58C5 - CB 37 3C to 3E 00 00
Disables low health beep entirely.

0xAA2E - C0 to 00
Makes hatches vulnerable to beam fire.

0xAA43 - 05 to ??
Changes the amount of missiles it takes to open a hatch.

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