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“The one thing that Samus fears most”



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 +====== Return of Samus: Unused Code Segments ======
 +Bank 0 is filled nearly to the brim with code, leaving little room for custom assembly code. However, there are pieces of code that never get touched at all, and can be overwritten or zeroed out without impact on the game. This page aims to list these unused sections of code.
 +^ Location ^ Description ^
 +| 0x0393-0x039A | Unused code that copies 0xFF terminated data. |
 +| 0x22E1-0x235B | Unused tile-related code. |
 +| 0x2FC8-0x2FE0 | Unused death sequence call. |
 +| 0x3062-0x30BA | Unused death sequence. |
 +| 0x3B43-0x3BB3 | Unused game modes. |
 +| 0x3F07-0x3F5F | Copy of unused death sequence. |
 +| 0x3F60-0x3FFF | Free space. Used in EJRTQ though. |
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