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liamnajor created, and gives people at least e general idea of what's here.
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 ====== Bank 2 ====== ====== Bank 2 ======
 All Enemy data. TODO: actually decipher this mess. All Enemy data. TODO: actually decipher this mess.
 +Bank     :2
 +Contents :Enemy-related code and data
 +Range    :0x08000-0x0BFFF
 +0x09109-0x0911B - Arachnus handler and action pointer list
 +0x0911C-0x0913E - [ASM] Check if Arachnus's item orb has been shot
 +0x0913F-0x09151 - [ASM] Initialize Arachnus fight once its item orb has been shot open
 +0x09152-0x09160 - [ASM] Handle Arachnus's opening jump
 +0x09161-0x0916D - [ASM] Handle Arachnus jumping, gets called each time a particular direction of the jumping arc is reached
 +0x0916E-0x091B8 - [ASM] Handle Arachnus jumping, called every frame during ball form
 +0x091B9-0x091CD - [ASM] Handle Arachnus bouncing after landing from the opening jump out of the item orb
 +0x091CE-0x091EB - [ASM] Handle Arachnus unmorphing
 +0x091EC-0x091FA - [ASM] Handle Arachnus unmorphed, right before picking its head up parallel to the ground
 +0x091FB-0x0926D - [ASM] Check if Arachnus is taking any damage
 +0x0926E-0x09299 - [ASM] Handle Arachnus jumping every time after the first landing
 +0x0929A-0x092A5 - [ASM] Handle Arachnus while standing up
 +0x092A6-0x092D1 - [ASM] Handle Arachnus preparing a projectile attack
 +0x092D2-0x092DE - Array of bytes related to Arachnus's projectile attack
 +0x092DF-0x092FA - [ASM] Handle Arachnus's on-screen projectile
 +0x092FC-0x0932D - Array of bytes called to when Arachnus's ball form is revealed from the item orb
 +0x0932E-0x09355 - Array of bytes called to when Arachnus rolls back into ball form every time after his opening jump
 +0x09356-0x0936E - Array of bytes called to when Arachnus first touches the ground after the opening jump
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