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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Sometimes questions are asked, sometimes answers are given, hopefully they are given here.

Q: “Is NEStroid the Bestroid?”

A: Yes, yes it is my good sir.

Q: “What are Hexadecimal and Binary?”

A: Hexadecimal and Binary are magical ways to represent numbers. The way we normally represent numbers is with the Decimal System which has 10 symbols(0 to 9). Binary represents numbers with two symbols(0 and 1). Hexadecimal represents numbers with 16 symbols(0 to F) where after “9” comes letters of the alphabet starting with “A” and continuing on until “F”. Each digit in a numeric system can represent n^i where n is the numeric system (i.e. Binary is 2) and i is the digit(i.e. In 10000 the digit with the 1 is the 5th digit). Remember Hexadecimal and Binary are features and should be embraced by all, if you are still confused on how to read and write in hexadecimal and binary, you should look up how to do it, you are on the internet after all.

Q: “How do I change the physics of tiles on the tilesheet?”

A: You can either use Hexadecimal magic, or a partially broken Editroid 4.0 Alpha Physics Editor.

Q: “Enemies hurting me in doors hurts me, how can I fix?”

A: First of all, enemies hurting you in doors is a feature. To uninstall this great feature, use this.

Q: “Why are the doors making me scroll vertically in a horizontal section?”

A: Either you are bad and selecting the wrong door, or you are bad and not using the Door Scroll Patch.

Editroid 4.0a Known Bugs

While not a FAQ thing, we don't want you asking/telling about these bugs unless you found out something new about one of them.

Tile Physics Not Working in Test Rooms:

The offspring of snarf's laziness about not testing features. Tile Physics changes made within Editroid do not take effect in game if you are testing a room using the Test Room Tool. If the hack is played normally and not as a test room, the changes take effect.

Custom Scripts not Working:

Some custom scripts do not work. A more complete list of working and not-working scripts will be added soon™.

“Slope” Physics:

Since snarf helped with Rogue Dawn, certain tiles were named SlopeRight, SlopeLeft, and SlopeTop. These are not included Tile types and are actually Solid Tiles.

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