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Metroid Fusion (GBA)

 'Metroid Fusion' title screen Metroid Fusion is the fourth game in the Metroid series, released for the GBA in 2002.

All information relates to the specific ROM: “Metroid Fusion (U) [!].gba”, it has CRC 6C75479C, sha1 CA33F4348C2C05DD330D37B97E2C5A69531DFE87 and internal name “METROID4USA”. ROM size is 8,388,608 bytes.

Editors and Utilities


A list of guides created by the community, from manuals on the tools themselves to advanced guides relating to ASM, its all here.

Editor and Utility Manuals

Manuals of the workings of all the editors and utilities available to you, detailing all their functions.

  • Double Helix - The primary editor to Metroid Fusion, read all about its functions here

Basic Guides

These guides cover all the basic things around editing Metroid Fusion, as well as serving as a good starting point for learning how to get into Metroid Fusion hacking!

  • FAQ - Frequently answered questions here, if you got a problem, this might have the answer!
  • EAQ - Some questions that possibly have been answered one to many times

Intermediate Guides

These guides assume you have a good basic knowledge about editing Metroid Fusion already, you should probably be comfortable with using Double Helix by now and be moving onto using tools like a hex editor.

Expert Guides

These guides could be pretty complex, you should probably be comfortable with assembly by now.

Wiki Based Hacking Resources And Information

This segment is reserved for technical information on Metroid Fusion, to be used as reference material for hackers, or for the curious wanting to know what makes Samus tick, or possibly you are interested in making a fan game and want to know how Metroid Fusion does things!

Locations of Data

Technical Details

Disassemblies of Data

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