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“all work and no play makes vismund a dull boy”



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Line 118: Line 118:
 C415: left-most visible metatile column index in map * $10 (big-endian word). C415: left-most visible metatile column index in map * $10 (big-endian word).
 +C417: Number of tile that Baby Metroid is touching.
 C418: Set to [$D058] in $2:4000 C418: Set to [$D058] in $2:4000
Line 414: Line 415:
         4: Up         4: Up
         8: Down         8: Down
-D00F: Set to [$C423] by $2EE3, set to 1 by escaping Metroid Queen / in Metroid Queen'​s mouth+D00F: Direction facing while spin-jumping or morph-jumping. 
 +        00: Up 
 +        01: Right 
 +        FF: Left 
 +        ​
 D010: Counter for spin-jumping D010: Counter for spin-jumping
 D011: Nothing. Only cleared D011: Nothing. Only cleared
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